Sunday, September 21, 2008

What next ?

Looks to me like our economy is going you know where REALLY FAST !!!
Is there not something really fishing going on here? I do smell the stinch and
its not the fish.
Before long we will be in a cast society. The middle class will no longer exist.
Our grandchildren will grow up not knowing what being middle class even means. You are either going to have it all or nothing. The very wealthy people will own everything and all us poor ( formerly middle class citizens ) will be leasing whatever we have from them if we are lucky to have a job given to us by the wealthy so we can afford to pay them rent on businesses or houses. Forgive me...I mean our dwellings, we won't be able to afford the businesses.

They keep saying on the news that we need to put back money for harder times. This has to be the well off talking because the used to be middle-class person is now making minimum wage along with everyone else at the bottom of this soon to be cast system formerly known as the good ole USA.

How in blazes do they think we less fortunate people have survived all these years? I wish some of these know it alls would come walk a mile in my shoes.
They don't have a clue.

When these wealthy people loose all their 40.....ya da ya da...K's
and I.....A's..... whatever...they still probably have dough stashed somewhere in some God forsaken country bank where they can go and vacation till all blows over...Maybe I am wrong....but I am steamed....

The common everyday Joe doesn't have enough money to live on much less save anything. Some of these officials need to stop sniffing each others crack
or kissing it or whatever it is they do. ( Probably why nothing good for the poor man ever comes to fruition ) Come back to the heart of this country and smell the salt of all these hard working people that keep this society working.
Without all of us pure, God-loving, hard-working individuals in this country
the wealthy could not have their lifestyles such as they are. Seems like they forget that it is the working class of people that make their lives so GLAMOROUS.

PRAISE BE I'm so glad that God is preparing a place for those who trust and believe in Him. The salt of this earth is about ready to leave here if you know what I mean. GET READY !!!!! I DO NOT WANT TO BE HERE WHEN ALL THE SALT HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM THIS EARTH......I don't even want to imagine. God help us all.


Malone House handmade said...

I dont know what is next but I do
know that is God is in control and the most important things in life are free....salvation and the inner peace that comes with it :)

IBFREE4NOW said...

Hallelujah to that !!!

T.Ray said...

Yeah I know. What's not fair is the bail out would it be if we said, hey i can't make this house payment anymore i need somebody to bail me out. It's not fair for the average joe who pays his bills on time like we were raise to do, and all those people who lost their homes.....and what about Leeman brothers, they went bankrupt and didn't get a bail out like the others did. It's all just very weird to me.

IBFREE4NOW said...

I know ...the poor guy should not have to bail out the rich....I've had to pay more taxes than I ever want to think about...and I sure can't afford to pay anymore to help the wealthy stay richer. The money that has been spent so far to help the wealthy would have probably helped most people keep their houses and educate and feed their children...not to mention the gas we all pay just to get to work...something is definitely wrong when half your money goes in the gas tank...think we better look will probably go up again...many gas stations are OUT of gas right now...the sage goes on...TO BE CONTINUED....